Siblings Dialogue

A workshop for adult siblings
Although siblings have the same parents, each has his/her own story about their childhood. Every child is born at a different time with his/her own personality. Each sibling experiences his/her parents quite differently. Experiences are affected by place in the birth order, gender, changes in the quality of the parental relationship and more. Thus, unique relationship constellations arise which deserve taking a closer look at.

The motivation to participate
Siblings tend to stick together, regardless of differences in temperament, talent, or interest. Generally, there is a desire to support each other as sister or brother and to develop as equals in connection with each other. Misunderstandings, inequities and injustices, and above all, entanglements interfere with this basic concern. In the workshop you will have the opportunity to re-establish equality and to give the relationship a new foundation.

What to expect in this workshop
Deep connection and healing become possible in this safe and trust-enhancing setting. In clearly structured dialogues you will have the opportunity to address previously unspoken feelings. You will listen to each other with care and empathy and understand the reasons why your brother or your sister have acted the way they have. Through mutual understanding, misunderstandings can be resolved and old wounds can heal. Through this process, both of you will further develop your own personality and your relationship skills. Resolving issues between siblings often elicits resources for better relationships with your partner, children and parents.

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