A Contribution to Peace

Peace starts within the smallest units of our society
– with our partners and within our families. Healing begins when we feel seen, heard, and understood. Changing recurring family patterns may not only positively impact our relationship with our own parent(s) or adult children, but also fosters our individual growth. Thus, inter-generational connection and healing opens you to your full potential and facilitates a self-determined life through which you may find your own path in your relationships and in a mindful and meaningful life, impacting future generations to come.

How these workshops were developed
Both workshops were created by the renowned Viennese psychotherapists Dr. Sabine and Roland Bösel. During their decades of helping couples in distress, they observed, how conflicts within families of origin, such as between parents, children, and siblings, resurfaced in partnerships. In order to heal these conflicts and entanglements, Sabine and Roland decided to create a structure for direct encounters between members of families of origin. The result is this unique workshop concept through which we facilitate deep connection and honest exchange.

The quality of the workshop is very important to us
These workshops were developed over many years and have been presented in several countries where they were very well received. More and more experienced psychotherapists from all over the world are being trained in this healing and peace-promoting method. As part of their generous social commitment, Sabine and Roland Bösel have decided that, under certain conditions, experienced psychotherapists interested in becoming workshop presenters, are provided access to this workshop concept free of charge.

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